The Cultural Elements Of The Cologne Attacks

Along with the new year, a new challenge has come to Germany—and the rest of Europe: coordinated group sexual harassment. On December 31, 2015, about 1,500 men, including some who had recently arrived to Europe as asylum seekers, sexually assaulted and robbed hundreds of women at a train station in Cologne. More than 500 individual attacks were launched, triggering anger and tense political debate in Germany.

As usual, both sides of Western political landscape—denialists and racists—have exploited the sexual assault, as they have many other challenges facing our world today, from terrorism to sectarianism. One camp waters down the problem; the other generalizes and demonizes it. But neither camp is right and the bickering does not help the victims or solve the problem.

Click here for the complete article by Nervana Mahmoud.

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