Are British Salafists Gaming The System?

On January 6, British MP Yasmin Qureshi hosted the launch in the House of Commons of a report by the lobby group Claystone. The report, entitled, “Rethinking Radicalization and Extremism,” argues that “extremist ideology” is not the root cause of terrorism, yet it posits that proposed government legislation to limit freedom of expression (for extremists) is expected to galvanize recruits to terrorist causes.

Claystone has received a great deal of press in the past few months. In November 2013, the British media widely reported the release of another Claystone study, which claimed that Muslim charities were subject to unjust scrutiny because of suspicions they were “involved in radicalisation and extremism.” The report was featured on both the front page and editorial section of The Times, which described Claystone as “a London-based think-tank specializing in Muslim issues.”

Claystone, however, is no ordinary think-tank. It is a front group for a Salafist network run by Islamic preacher Haitham Al-Haddad. [...]

Click here for the complete article by Samuel Westrop.

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