The Problem With Islam Is Islam

ICM Research – which so far as I can tell is a reputable organisation – recently undertook a poll for Putin’s Russian news agency Rossiya Segodnya. The poll assessed how ISIS is viewed across Britain, Germany and France. Amazingly, if the results are to be believed, 16% of those polled in France had a favourable view of ISIS.

Equally amazingly to me, only 31% of respondents apparently placed ISIS in the ‘very unfavourable’ box, as distinct from an equal number who chose the option of “somewhat unfavourable’. I wonder how many heads ISIS has to cut off before your average French man and woman takes particular umbrage? The French result of 16% compares with 7% in Britain and just 2% in Germany. Let’s concentrate on France.

The Muslim population of France is supposed to be about 7%. I have read comments to the effect that this doesn’t square with the percentage of those viewing ISIS favourably and that perhaps the official figures understate the Muslim population. How queer this all is. Surely, even if Muslims accounted for a much greater proportion of the population, the vast majority would be peaceful and moderate and would therefore reject the savagery of ISIS? Aren’t the vast majority on the side of Team France? Maybe not, mon Dieu! [...]

Click here for the complete article by Peter Smith.

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