A Brick In The Wall Of Anti-Semitism

Three years ago I wrote about the way rock icon Roger Waters had incorporated his anti-Israel beliefs into his act by using a Jewish symbol—the Star of David—interchangeably with those of oil companies and dollar signs in the course of a video display about oppression. At the time, I thought the Anti-Defamation League’s evaluation of the content of Waters’s act was correct. His rants seeking to delegitimize Israel’s security fence and the “Israel lobby” were discriminatory in nature and manifested a clear prejudice against the Jewish state and Jews. But I wondered whether the ADL had actually done Waters and his Israel-hating fans a service by calling him out about his beliefs since I doubted that anyone who didn’t already know his position could have really made much sense of the display, let alone connect Israel with his criticisms in what appeared to me a confusing video show. But judging by Waters’s behavior since then, perhaps the ADL was smarter about this than I thought. [...]

Click here for the complete article by Jonathan S. Tobin.

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