Endgame: Israel, ‘Palestine’ And The Post Peace Talks Era

In spite of an American brokered last minute Israeli proposal to try and preserve peace talks, Mahmoud Abbas has canceled a scheduled meeting with U.S.  Secretary of State John Kerry and decided to take the quest for Palestine’s statehood unilaterally to the UN, signing an application for statehood and admission to 15 UN organizations.

Aside from violating the existing PLO agreement with the U.S.  and Israel to avoid a unilateral move of this kind until the April 29th deadline of the peace talks, Abbas has also decided to violate the Oslo Accords and the Road Map.  Of course, since the Palestinians never complied with either agreement anyway, their latest move is just part of a pattern.  Abbas has shown by his consistent rejection of recognizing Israel as a Jewish state, his refusal to commit to have a peace agreement signify the end of the conflict, and his insisting on a re-divided Jerusalem with the Jewish holy sites under his control and a Palestinian ‘right of return’ that the Palestinians never actually intended to sign a peace agreement that meant anything anyway.

So now that the fiction has exploded, where do things go from here? [...]

Click here for the complete article by Rob Miller.

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