Why Don’t Jews Come Back To Europe? Why, Indeed.

Spain, which today rebuilds its ancient ghettos and synagogues, claiming back the glory of the medieval Jewish community for tourism purposes, solved its “Jewish problem” in 1492 with the help of Queen Isabella and Torquemada.

Now Spain wants to solve the “Israeli problem” by offering a passport to Sephardi Jews whose origins are Spanish, throughout the world. And most of the Jews, even in Israel, praised “the gestures of reconciliation”.

Reconciliation? On the contrary. What these European countries are trying to achieve is a dramatic and divisive wedge between Israel and the Jews. How? By courting them with a passport and whitewashing Europe’s past through an amnesty (people do tend to forget), but most important, by offering them an alternative to Zionism.

It will be called “evacuation”, not expulsion, to differentiate it from those of Spain in1492 and Gush Katif in 2005.

Many European governments now cultivate the ultimate, non violent weapon against Israel: yerida, emigration from the Jewish state. And after that, radical assimilation. The final one. Intermarriage soars. Because Jews are not superhumans, but normal people tempted by opportunities. And life in a Parisian arondissement is much more comfortable than one near a shelter.

A dying Diaspora is not a threat to Israel, it is really a museum or a graveyard. But an energized Diaspora? That is a challenge and an alternative based on dilution of Jewish identity. The Europeans want urban and socially distinct Jews against the obvious and religiously distinct Israeli Jews. A new Moses Mendelssohn to stand against a skullcap-wearing Jew.

Approximately 13 percent of Israel’s total population, between 800.000 and 1 million people, already live abroad. We are witnessing the most serious phenomenon of emigration since the Six Day War, when a joke circulated in Israel that at the airport in Tel Aviv a sign reads: “The last one leaving turns off the lights”.

Berlin, once the world’s center of an Endlosung, final solution, of the Jewish question, today proudly hosts a large Israeli community.

This is what Europe wants: Jews out and ready to emigrate, Palestinian Arab “refugees” in, ready to return.

It is Europe’s twisted way to atonement.

So Jews: beware of Spain’s generosity. A passport and bank account don’t compare to the Bible and the Land of Your Fathers.

This article was first published on IsraelNationalNews.com.

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