LA Back-Alley

Below is a small peak into the alleys of Los Angeles. There is a ongoing discussion about the future of these often nameless thoroughfares.

In South LA a new city planing project wants to enhance the neighborhood through transforming it’s alleys into green walkways. “Can South LA alleys become pedestrian-friendly parks?”, asks Evan George in his recent article published on the KCRW Blog “Which Way LA”.

“Los Angeles has enough alleys to make for quite a workout — 900 linear miles in total. That’s enough pavement to run 34 marathons. If you laid these alleys side by side it’d be 3 square miles—twice the size of New York’s Central park”, says George and continues to describe the look of an typical alley: “The pavement’s crumbling, lots of graffiti, some scattered garbage, dogs yipping at any sound of footsteps. You might see panhandlers or the occasional group of teens walking home from school but few people use the alleys as thoroughfares”. LAPD Officer Daniel Marrufo explains: “Whether it be prostitution, drug use, drug sales, there’s been homicides. You name it, it occurs in these alleys”.

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