Bavarian Melodies


The marvelous advances in photo and video technology over the past decade allow everybody to just whip out a smart phone or a little camera and record everything. I love chance moments that transcend the merely personal and private, and if I’m lucky, my camera can catch them.

Below is the video of a recent surprise encounter. My wife and I had taken a friend to the train station in Fredericksburg, Virginia. It was a cold but dry Sunday night, and at first, when we parked the car, the place seemed abandoned. But then, when we got closer and passed the dimly lit stairways to the platforms, music began to waft all around us that sounded eerily familiar to my German ears. It came from inside the main building, where the sign above the main door, away from the train tracks and platforms, read: “The Bavarian Chef”. Nearby, the flags of Germany and the United States fluttered in the light wintry breeze.

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