The Terrifying Power Of Muslim Interpreters

Alexander Stevens is a lawyer at a Munich law firm specializing in sexual offenses. In his recent book, Sex in Court, he describes some of his strangest and most shocking cases. One such case raises the question: What do you do when interpreters working for the police and courts lie and manipulate? As no one monitors translators, it is likely that in many instances, the dishonesty of interpreters goes undetected — Stevens’ book chronicles the devastating effects one dishonest interpreter had on a case.

The parents of a Syrian girl, “Sali,” had promised their daughter to a man named Hassan, who, at the time, was still living in Syria. The arrangement was seen as mutually beneficial: Sali’s parents would receive money and Hassan would be allowed to enter Germany. Sali would never willingly have married a man 34 years her senior, but the family’s honor required it. However, Sali did not receive any benefits from this arrangement. Hassan’s interest in Sali was apparently confined to her body. He forced Sali to perform all kinds of sexual practices several times a day, and brutally abused the girl in the process.

Sali was unable to hide the fact that she took no pleasure in these rapes and she became ill, so Hassan reproached her and “openly threatened to demand a large compensation payment from her family, for the cost of the wedding reception and lost pleasures of love.” Sali sought help from a women’s shelter, where an employee took her to a lawyer: Stevens. At the shelter, Sali described her misfortune, but was careful repeatedly to come to her husband’s defense. She was more worried about her family’s honor, should Hassan decided to divorce her, than about herself.

“After two hours of painstaking depictions of sexual abuse, corporal punishment, and mental humiliation,” Stevens writes, “I had no doubt that everything had actually happened as she said.”

The next day, Stevens tried to get an appointment for questioning with the police and an interpreter. But he was surprised when he got to the shelter. Sali was like a different person. Suddenly, she wanted nothing to do with him or the women’s shelter employee. [...]

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Is Merkel’s Refugee Policy Promoting Anti-Semitism In Germany?

In Goethe’s tragedy Faust, Mephistopheles is asked who he really is. He responds, “I’m a part of every power that always wants evil and always creates good.” The German refugee policy of open borders, epitomized by Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, has reached the point at which the opposite of this devilish dialectic is occurring. Is the politics of open arms part of a power that always wants good and creates evil?

There can be no question that this past fall Merkel, as she sought to create a “welcome culture,” followed a humane and moralistic impulse. Humanity and benevolence—these were her lodestars. But she also acted as a typical postwar German in an unconscious layer of terms like guilt, sin and historical responsibility. The French philosopher Alain Finkielkraut formulated it thus in an interview two months ago with the prominent weekly Die Zeit: “As the first wave of refugees arrived, the Germans believed that the moment had arrived to cleanse their historical blackmark. They could buy themselves free.” Finkielkraut was heavily criticized in Germany for these sentences. He was, so we were told, practicing historical pathology. [...]

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The Cultural Elements Of The Cologne Attacks

Along with the new year, a new challenge has come to Germany—and the rest of Europe: coordinated group sexual harassment. On December 31, 2015, about 1,500 men, including some who had recently arrived to Europe as asylum seekers, sexually assaulted and robbed hundreds of women at a train station in Cologne. More than 500 individual attacks were launched, triggering anger and tense political debate in Germany.

As usual, both sides of Western political landscape—denialists and racists—have exploited the sexual assault, as they have many other challenges facing our world today, from terrorism to sectarianism. One camp waters down the problem; the other generalizes and demonizes it. But neither camp is right and the bickering does not help the victims or solve the problem.

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A Lot Ado About Schmitz

The Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) newspaper falsely claimed that tens of thousands of Israelis fled to Germany because of the policies of the Netanyahu administration, the German Press Council confirmed.

The council’s 5-to-1 vote to uphold its initial ruling against the largest broadsheet newspaper in Germany is the latest act in a long-running media dispute playing out with high-powered lawyers and press experts.

The case began in 2014, and the decision was published in the first week of January. It was obtained by The Jerusalem Post late last week.

Honestly Concerned, a Frankfurt-based pro-Israel media watchdog, had filed a complaint alleging that Thorsten Schmitz, an SZ journalist, falsely stated in his article that “tens of thousands of Israelis fled” their country and sought refuge in Germany.

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Stop Worrying About Israel

The Jewish State ‘has never been in a better strategic position than where it is today’.

To kvetch is as Jewish as guilt-tripping, gefilte fish, and gloom. But the ne plus ultra of Jewish is angst—that sense of dread and foreboding that keeps whispering: “The universe is out to get you.”

Given the Jewish experience of the last 5776 years, this take reflects realism rather than paranoia. Start with the eviction from Eden and the Deluge, which left only Noah’s clan alive. Continue with the Pharaonic slavery and God’s vow in the Desert (Numbers 14) to strike the Children of Israel “with pestilence and disown them.” And so it goes: the Babylonian captivity, Haman, Masada, the destruction of two temples, the dispersal. It is an unending epic of persecution, expulsion and slaughter culminating in the Shoah. [...]

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Meet Jeremy Corbyn’s German Doppelganger

Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn has a socialist doppelganger in Germany. Her name is Sahra Wagenknecht and she serves as co-chairperson of the largest opposition party in the German Bundestag—The Left Party.

Her remarks blanketed the German media on Tuesday because she equated Islamic State terrorism in Paris with Britain’s aerial campaign designed to help destroy the terrorist organisation in the Syrian and Iraqi theatres of war.

‘Of course it is no less a crime to murder innocent civilians in Syria with bombs than it is to shoot them in Parisian restaurants and concert halls. One is individual terrorism, the other state-sponsored,’ Sahra Wagenknecht, an admirer of the now-defunct East German communist state and Stalinism, told the Bundestag on Monday.

The attitudes of Wagenknecht’s Left Party mirror in many respects the enthusiasm of Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn for Hamas, Iran’s clerical regime and Hezbollah. Moral conflation and a bottomless level of cultural relativity dominate the thinking of both hardcore left-wing leaderships. For Wagenknecht, Corbyn brought ‘movement into the sleeping social democracy of Europe’.  

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The Clash Of Love And Bureaucracy

In Israel it appears that madness and reason are intertwined in the most intimate elements of life.

There are very few things in life as remote from each other as love and bureaucracy. The drive for romantic love is what – as Schopenhauer maintains – keeps us from being so bored as to commit suicide.

State bureaucracy, on the other hand, is boring by design.

From Grimm Brothers fairy tales to their latest computer-animated adaptation by Disney movies, the modern concept of love transcends all practical circumstances. Scott Fitzgerald captured its irrational and magical nature, saying “there are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice.” Indeed, in good days love is magic, on bad ones it may be more like black magic, but when it loses its charm altogether – it ceases to be love.

In Romeo and Juliet love has the power to break and reshape socio-economic hierarchies. When love is absent – as in Anna Karenina – it is enough to break down institutional shackles like marriage.

State bureaucracy was also born in the modern nation era. Max Weber described it as hierarchically organized, neutral, expertise-based and rational, and at the service of the expansive needs of capitalism. It constitutes an “iron cage” of rules and laws, which cannot be farther away from the individual freedoms epitomized in the romantic notion of love.

The clash of love and bureaucracy is demonstrated in a new report by the Hotline for Migrants and Refugees, Physicians for Human Rights and the Association for Civil Rights in Israel.

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Palestinians didn’t inspire the Holocaust, but…

‘The decision to move from a policy of deporting Jews to the Final Solution was made by the Nazis and was not dependent on outside influence,” Prime Minister Netanyahu clarified last Friday (October 30). This followed his erroneous and controversial claim, made 10 days earlier at the Zionist Congress, that “Hitler didn’t want to exterminate the Jews at the time,” but that it was the exiled Mufti of Jerusalem who had given him the idea to simply “burn them.” The allegation created an uproar among opposition parties, the media, world Jewry, historians and in Berlin, where both coalition and opposition re-claimed full responsibility for the Holocaust.

So Netanyahu’s clarification was important and appropriate. But – there is always a “but” – Netanyahu emphasized that his “remarks were intended to illustrate the murderous approach of the Mufti to the Jews in his lengthy contacts with the Nazi leadership,” linking it to a general Palestinian approach, today and in essence.

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On BBC’s coverage of the terror attack tonight


Here we go, after countless complaints, BBC changed the text. At first it was “A Palestinian was shot dead following an attack in Jerusalem in which two were killed”. Then they fixed it to “Two killed by a Palestinian”. Eventually, finally finally, it was turned into “Israelis killed by a Palestinian in the Old City”.

So why does that happen? How come journalists in Britain, with the most prestige and esteem in the world, are failing time and again when it concerns us? Where did the subtlety go to? The sense of proportion?

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Tel Aviv Supports Anti-Semitism

In front of the Cathedral in Cologne there is a public exhibition which demonizes Jews, trivializes the Holocaust and calls the murder of Jews resistance. On August 13, 2015, several Jews from all over Europe posed a question to the members of the Cologne City Council:

“In its charter, Hamas calls for the annihilation of all Jews world-wide, which would include my murder. Prominently displayed in front of the Cathedral in Cologne is a yellow poster with a Hamas incitement to kill Jews, which they consider legitimate resistance. How am I supposed to survive in Cologne where there’s an open call for my murder?”

On August 23, 2015 an article about this appeal appeared in the newspaper, Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger.

“In an open letter, written in the first-person, since each of the signatories feels personally affected, a group of European Jews from all walks of life – artists, lawyers, teachers, geriatric nurses – express their disappointment and astonishment at the fact that Walter Hermann’s permanently displayed exhibition on the cathedral square has not long been dismantled.”

Today is the 20th of September, 2015. Only one member of the Cologne City Council has answered the letter personally: Ralf Unna (The Green Party), who is an Israeli. The call for his murder has also been trivialized as a form of resistance. The only other people, who have heard the appelle and responded personally, are Henriette Reker and Jochen Ott. Both are candidates for the post of mayor. [...]

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